Thursday, September 11, 2008

Study for New Painting

Conte and charcoal on Mylar


Anonymous said...

Katelyn, I really like this drawing!

Katelyn Alain said...

thank you ms. Heim!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katelyn!

This is very good!

How did You do it?
What is Mylar?
Did You start with a blank surface and added/subtracted charcoal layers?

Ciao from Italy,


Katelyn Alain said...

thank you Roberto!

mylar is a type of vellum that is slightly transparent. i think it has another name in Europe - some of my friends have had a hard time finding it.

this drawing is mostly additive in process. just charcoal line, some smudging, and white charcoal.

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Kate.