Saturday, September 17, 2005

The MFA and the Number 9

I am so excited to have ended up here in Madison working toward my masters in fine art. My fellow grads are a very nice bunch and so are my professors. Although my days are long, and my classes are a lot of work, I am glad I'm here.

Today I was assigned a STUDIO. Out of 10 students vying for their favorite studio by luck of the draw, I was number 9 when my chip was pulled from the hat. That meant I was next to last in the lottery. But seeing that number 9 made me calm and collected. 9 is my incredibly lucky number. Ever since I was born the number has followed me around like a secure reminder of who I am. It makes me realize that I'm in the right place at the right time as it shows up again and again. I was born on 9-19-1979 at 5:29 in the morning. The number has been with me from my softball jerseys to my seat numbers on airplane flights, and in the most bizarre places. Even my random phone number has a 79. So here it was again today as I held the token that would hold the fate of my new studio. The number 9.