Thursday, December 31, 2009

Alone In Arctic Waters

Oil on Canvas

The Last Painting Of 2009

It's been exactly two months since my last post. How did that time go by so quickly?! What have I been doing with myself? Well, I spent an inordinately long time recovering from my show and the time leading up to it. I've never been so alone in an empty studio as that first week back in Los Angeles after my opening in Santa Fe. None of the paintings I had surrounded myself with were in my studio and I felt an immense loss. It was as if I had birthed these children and then had them taken from me. Unprepared for that sense of grief, I didn't know how to create again for some time.

Then at some point in November I got going again. I attempted some small works, I experimented, I made failures, I left things half finished, but at least I was working. In December I moved to a fresh canvas in the 48x60 size that I had been working in. I know it's not good for an artist to be 'comfortable,' but I needed to revisit it. And that brings me to now. I've just completed that painting and will post it.

The year as a whole has been a great year for me and for my painting career. I worked really hard, I had my first real solo show in a great gallery, my first article in an art magazine, even unexpectedly making the cover of a different art magazine- and I sold paintings. Overall I'd say it was an amazing year for me. And when I consider the difficult economy, the state of the art world in general, and my numerous moments of panick when I was sure I'd never get the work done on time and disaster was surely imminent---I can sigh a huge breath of relief that 2009 is over.

Now I can turn to a new year and make new goals for myself that I can mock and laugh at - my audacity! I can look at where I'd like my life to be and make changes. This will be a year of new places and many changes. And with change comes a renewed sense of life and adventure!

Happy 2010 to all who may stop in and read this.

Peace and love,