Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Katelyn Alain Paintings in Wall Street Journal

A Work in Progress: Buying Art on the Web
October 10, 2007; Page D1

As art lovers descend on London this week for the opening of a glitzy art fair called Frieze, art sales have never been hotter at galleries and auction houses. But the online marketplace for art is still as mottled as a Monet water scene, with vast amounts of art available at various Web sites but a scarcity of big-ticket buyers.

Does art actually sell online? It's long been hard to tell. Now, one big online gallery, Saatchi Online, is offering its first financial clues to the answer -- and a clearer picture of the much-hyped Internet art marketplace and its challenges.

Katelyn Alain

More than a dozen Internet sites, from eBay to, offer tens of thousands of new artworks. But top collectors like Agnes Gund in New York and curators like Weston Naef of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles largely ignore what's offered on online art sites, preferring to buy directly from auction houses or dealers. Even Christie's International initially struggled last year to persuade collectors to click and bid using its new online venture. (Christie's says its online bidders bought $32.3 million of art over the past year.)

Saatchi Online made a splashy entrance into this market over a year ago, when it invited artists to upload and sell their creations on his site, with the site taking no commission fees. With Charles Saatchi, a high-profile British ad executive and art collector, at the helm, the site has been seen by some in the art world as a litmus test for Internet sales.

The painting 'Tied,' by Katelyn Alain, was sold over Saatchi Online.
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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Feeling of Winter or Winter Tea Cup (progress of one painting)

Tumult of memories - winding an ambient web - building tangled nests of deceit – haunting how they inform me – like sugar melting on the tongue

This painting has transformed into a scene informed by the onset of the Wisconsin winter.

There is something strange and new about this one that adds an element of intrigue to future paintings for me. It was extremely difficult to photograph- the colors are so variant. The actual painting looks way better than the picture of it here. I'm finally satisfied with it (top image).

Monday, October 08, 2007

Open Art Studios Weekend: at the Zoo

Photo credits: Gary N-ski

What a great weekend of art making and socializing with art enthusiasts.

I am a member of an arts group called artsTRIBE and we set up shop at the Henry Vilas Zoo's visitor center for the Madison Open Art Studios Weekend. Good times. Beautiful Building.

This was also a great way to make some extra cash to help pay for grad school.