Friday, April 22, 2011

April Work In Progress

oil on linen


Daniel said...

WOw, this is beautiful just as is I believe. It reminds me of the "Symphonies" by James Mcneil Whistler (and a beautiful one that is on view at the Frick, in NYC.
Beautiful work mon amie. I will be watching the progress :)

Katelyn Alain said...

Daniel! Thank you so much. I hope you like the finished product I will be posting soon. Just got back from a much needed break so apologies for my slow response! Hope you are well!

laura converse said...

Beautiful. I really enjoy your approach to art. it has a lot of life and movement.

i look forward to seeing more! :)

Katelyn Alain said...

Laura, thank you for your very kind comment! I'm so glad you like it.