Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Small study

12x12 "
Oil on wood panel


Laura S. said...

Beautiful, K! Have you seen the movie The Chorus (les choristes)? Her resigned, sad look and blue liquid eyes remind me of one of the main characters (a young blond boy).. Anyway I recommend the film.

Daniel said...

Laura, it is one of my daughter's favourite movie.
In fact, she is K's model for this little painting and you are abbsulutely right as I also thimk that she reminds me of this young boy from the movie.
The name of the character from the movie was Morange....
Great eye you have.

and K, you all ready know everything about the love I have for this painting ;)

Katelyn Alain said...

Thank you both! Now I will have to see that movie first thing. And now I know that my sister and my friend would get along too! LOL

D, I was so happy to hear her reaction to the image..ha! Thank you for that email!! She's a wonderful muse and I hope you will enjoy the painting.

Laura S. said...

Hello! I'm only now seeing your responses. Yes, Morange - with angel eyes and angel voice! How lucky that your daughter seems to share the same beautiful eyes; what a great model!