Thursday, June 19, 2008

Relocation: Los Angeles

Hey everyone,

I have been enjoying getting to know LA including the access to major art collections and the many emerging and established galleries (not to mention the weather)! There seems to be a wonderful 'vibe' for figure painting and I'm excited to get to know the other artists and enthusiasts.

On a side note: I started a little blog called LA Painter where I'm posting other artists/paintings in LA that are currently on view. It is partly for me to keep track, but maybe you'll enjoy it too and share your opinions.

Looking forward to painting and posting for you again soon,



Daniel said...

Good for you K
What wold be really interesting as well, is a small list from the art gallery that you really like...
Hum !

Katelyn Alain said...

thanks D! i'm assembling it..albeit slowly. hope you are enjoying the Montreal summer!

AVN said...

Atwater Village Newbie welcomes you to the hood, whatever hood that may be. - AVN