Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Allegory in Yellow Floaties

Basking in strangeness is a part of life. This painting uses representation to solidify a completely abstract feeling.

It is not correct, but imagined. It has been seen as bizarre and I could be the only one in the world that thinks it is really very normal.

Oil on Canvas. 36x60 inches.


Laura S. said...

"strange and wonderful" in a Hashman kind of way? Let's call it disturbing! I adore "Speed empowerment" by the way!

katelyn alain said...

bonjour ma belle,
disturbing is accurate. i like disturbing ; )
thanks- Speed Empowerment has been a real hit.

Anonymous said...

An unbelievable painting. I enjoy all your works, but I totally get this one (or so I think!). The expression is brilliant. Amazing work.

Todd in Minneapolis.