Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Work in Progress

Week 3: trying to bring it back...
Day 3: laying down pigment with a limited palette

Day 1: underpainting. wanting to work with a more limited palette. still hooked on strange ideas of movement through time and life. these movements have a 'carnivalesque' feeling to them however my figures react with a blase normalcy as they get carried along.


Cash and Hash said...

Tis one is interesting. A male? With the exception of David and Tom, I can't remember the last one. I like his stance.

Valerie Butters said...

remember what you used to consider a big painting for you to be.
my how times have changed.
Great stuff!!!

katelyn alain said...

The paintings do seem to be growing..and growing.
Isn't progression fun?

~V said...

as always I am completely in awe. Your ability to create a 3 dimensional sense, in a 2 dimensional medium, is a challenge for many painters, and you do it so very fluidly. Thanks for continuing to inspire me, and I look forward to seeing your works progression.
~ Vicki

katelyn alain said...

Thank you Vicki!