Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Woman on the Carousel

A Work in Progress.
Very Early stages.


Anonymous said...

In this diptych, perhaps more so than previous ones, you will have to decide on the actual space between the two panels. Close together, as you have here, creates unity via completing the horse. A larger gap, on the other hand, will reflect the strong vertical lines currently present in the painting.

Katelyn Alain said...

thanks for the comment soren, and you've hit on exactly what i've been contemplating lately with the diptychs. i'll be playing with those spaces and maybe even switching the paintings around in unexpected ways.

i do like to think about how the viewer perceives the horse and the transitional space betweem the canvases as it turns into an artificial 'symbol' of a horse. we'll see!

my recent paintings have turned out to be as much about perception as they are about exploring my concepts.