Sunday, July 24, 2005

Drawing from Bargue

Back to learning the basics, folks. I've temporarily dropped the Oil paints to pick up Charcoal. The figure painters from the 19th century learned anatomy from copying plates by Charles Bargue. I figured it couldn't hurt to do the same thing.
I'm hoping to learn a lot from it to improve the figurative quality of my paintings.


Anonymous said...

For someone 'back to learning the basics,' you sure seem to be a quick study! Keep up the good work!

From Belgium with love said...

Do continue Katelyn, there's plenty of time ahead for you. And mastering good drawing is luxury to a painter !

Ciao !

Katelyn Alain said...

thank you!
i will continue with drawing. it does help with all my artistic endeavors in the end. and it seems that i'm back to painting already! not much of a hiatus (i knew i couldn't stay away very long... )!